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We offer both in-person and online psychological therapies tailored to your individual needs. We also offer accessible, online advice and support to parents and clinical supervision for trainee and qualified therapists, clinical psychologists and counselors.


For more information about our services please scroll down or contact us for more information.


As a group of experienced Clinical Psychologists we are committed to helping adults, young people and families achieve their goals and find healing within a safe environment. We specialise in helping people who experience intense anxiety and to heal from the invisible wounds often caused by trauma or difficult life events.

Unprocessed trauma frequently co-exists alongside symptoms of anxiety, OCD, depression, stress or burnout. These symptoms often lead to restrictive psychological obstacles to you enjoying your life, such as avoidance, relationship difficulties and social isolation. Getting to the root cause of your difficulties and not just treating the symptoms will provide you with effective and lasting relief.

Together we will develop a greater understanding of yourself, your relationships and your values, and help you heal from the traumas of your past. We will help you become unstuck and move toward living a more fulfilled life - creating the life you want and deserve!

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+ Help for Adults

The individual therapy we provide offers you a safe, confidential and calming space to understand and process distress and difficult life experiences. You will learn to manage difficult feelings, such as anxiety, shame, and low mood.


You will develop ways to become unstuck from negative thoughts, self-critical beliefs and develop a more confident self, so you can connect with the people who matter the most to you. Together we will help you build a more fulfilling life!

+ Help for Parents

Our traumas that remain unhealed in this generation can unintentionally be passed on to the next. The parent-child relationship can often trigger difficult early experiences we may have had ourselves as a child. Parents’ emotional difficulties, if left unsupported can affect their child’s emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing.


We are biologically hard-wired to need others and to need help at times – you are not alone! Engaging in therapy for yourself, to help you find the healing you deserve, will unequivocally help your child. It starts with us – the parents – to be the best version of ourselves, to model to our children it is okay not to be okay, but most importantly that we can ask for and receive the help we deserve.  

+ Help for Adolescents

Being an adolescent can be challenging at times, with increased school pressures, relationship difficulties, trying to discover who you are and who you want to be. Feeling connected to others is important, yet social media can create unrealistic expectations for ourselves - the impact of which can be overwhelming.  


Do you sometimes feel alone, like no one understands you, isolating yourself off from your family or friends? Do you have trouble sleeping? Have you had difficult events happen to you, such as abuse, bullying, divorce, accidents or losses? Do you sometimes feel angry or afraid? Do you keep things locked up inside, not telling anyone how you really feel? Therapy sessions will be taken at your pace, and together we will discover what is important to you. We will help you learn to manage difficult feelings and become unstuck from negative or self-critical thoughts. This work will help you to develop your self-worth and self-belief that you can be anything you want to be. You can build your life, your way!

+ Help for Children

When we have difficult things happen to us we sometimes have tricky feelings and thoughts. Carrying these difficult experiences around with us can be tiring and cause us to behave in ways that perhaps concern our parents or teachers. It also means that there is less space in our hearts, minds and bodies for pleasant thoughts and feelings.


Therapy for children will almost always involve one or both parents to varying degrees, as we need adult helpers to enable our little people to recover, to feel safe and to learn how to feel good about themselves, the world and others around them. Together we can help children thrive and build a brighter future.

+ What Happens Next...?



Book a free consultation


Complete the contact form and request your free 15-minute consultation call, where we briefly discuss your needs.




Create a bespoke plan together


Once agreed we are the right fit, you meet your psychologist (online or in-person)

and create a shared understanding and treatment plan.





Become unstuck so you can thrive


Using the right therapeutic approach for you we will work at your pace,

to help you move forward and build the life you want and deserve.

Psychological Therapy
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Parents have in their hands the delicate and complex work of shaping another human life. Being a parent is such a privilege but also a responsibility that requires commitment and work. Developing an attuned, loving and secure connection with your child is fundamental to their health and wellbeing. All behaviours are a form of communication but sometimes working this out on your own can be tricky and lead to family upset, arguments and distress.

Our parent consultation service provides you with an accessible and supportive space for you to discuss your concerns, following which a bespoke plan is drawn up to meet your specific needs. Sometimes as little as one follow-up is all that is required. These sessions provide you with the understanding, tools and techniques to help you shape and adapt your own communication style and responses in order to better help and develop your child’s behavioural, social, and emotional development. Together we can help shape an emotionally healthy, bright and compassionate world.   


This is a non-emergency service and if you have any concerns about risk to yourself or your child please contact your GP to discuss.

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Dr Jade Redfern provides clinical supervision to trainee and qualified therapists, clinical psychologists and counselors. Jade's main models of therapy include EMDR, CBT, ACT and CFT, working with children, adolescents and adults. Jade also specialise in working with parents.
Feel free to book a free 15-minute consultation or read more about Jade, and her approach, to see if she would be a good fit you and your needs.
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