Independent Clinical Psychology Services in Surrey


My name is Dr Jade Redfern and I am a Clinical Psychologist. I run an independent psychology service based in Surrey, providing confidential, timely and effective psychological support. I offer expert assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and families across a wide range of developmental, emotional and behavioural difficulties. I also provide expert assessment and treatment of adults with a range of psychological difficulties that result from the pressures and daily demands of life, such as stress, depression and anxiety.

I aim to help children, adults and families make sense of, relieve and prevent distress and to promote resilience, wellbeing and personal development. I also provide a parent consultation service, offering evidence-based advice and practical strategies to help with common but often challenging aspects of parenting. I provide a flexible approach to suit your needs, including face-to-face, online and telephone sessions. If you would like to find out if I am the right service for you I offer a free telephone consultation.

Dr Jade Redfern

BSc. (Hons), DClinPsych, CPsychol.

One in four adults in England alone are likely to have a mental health problem in any given year. These difficulties often impact upon an adult’s relationships, family life, job satisfaction and performance and daily enjoyment of life. Psychological treatment can help you achieve your goals and feel more in control of your own happiness and wellbeing.

Research suggests one in ten children aged 5-16 suffer from mental health conditions, around three children in every class. These difficulties have a large impact on a young person’s education, peer relationships and emotional wellbeing. Early intervention is key to enable young people to reach their full potential and experience life to it’s fullest.

I offer flexible appointment times, day and evening sessions, both face to face and online. Assessments,  short-term and long-term psychological therapies are available, individually tailored to meet your needs. For more information, or to make an enquiry  please contact me. I aim to respond to all enquiries within two working days.